World of Dragons – Test Server

After yesterday’s snafu and due to the extreme popularity I have decided to activate a test server for World of Dragons.

The pack from this day forth will be released on Monday as an alpha so that it will not readily appear in the Twitch App unless you have changed the release status of the pack to alpha. The world size of the test server will be limited to 10k blocks and slot limit to 10. FTB Utilities for the test server only, the claiming part will be disabled to include also the reboot cycle.

Further everyone will have creative mode not operator. This way everything can be pulled in and tested. This will allow us to find things that need to blacklisted or removed from the recipe pool, mods that should be pulled entirely because they are inoperable etc.

This setup for the test server will allow the player to test the new upcoming features but allow everyone to find things that will crash the server. If the release lasts till Friday of that week, I’ll change it from Alpha to Release.

The additional layer of development should go a long way in preventing the hell that happened yesterday.

These are my initial thoughts on this and none of it is set in stone and is to be treated as new tree seed that has just been planted into the soil. It’s branches and leaves can go places in ways unforeseen.

— Kreezxilk

If you can’t donate at or rent a server at then considering buying some merch to show off your love for that pack at