World of Dragons 14.32.164

The USA server got wiped and the following changes occurred.

  • New world size at 150k instead of 2.9 million
  • chunk claiming off
  • pvp off
  • all staff in asshole mode

Because there is no claiming, Security Craft which has been in place for more than 6 months will see new use. You need to use to secure your valuables and your base.

Let’s explain that last bit, on the USA server because of no claiming is someone reports a grievance against another player, the staff must investigate and the if the party be accused can not be recused (excused) they will be banned. Further, if it turns out during the course of the investigation that other parties to include the party making the accusation become equally criminal, then they too shall be banned.

I needed to make that clear because our power is not to be taken lightly, we will not take kindly to being asked to adjudicate a squabble that could’ve been handle among yourselves.

Further we will need cold hard facts to make judgments. That means that while I do stand behind the decisions of my Staff, if it is discovered that they made a judgement call based on soft evidence their heads will roll too.

Therefore, staff should not get involved if they don’t feel they can do a proper investigation and not have to ask other staff for advice on the matter. To put it simply if I need to get involved, you are in the wrong department, quit trying to be law enforcement.


Fixed quests, this is a biggie. On your servers, make sure they are turned off, upload the config/ftbquests/ folder, then turn on your server. FTB QUESTS no longer hot loads.


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