World of Dragons 14.36.168

The WTF?!! Happened Update

Minecolonies last build accidentally removed the preview build hologram. Fixed in this version of the pack.

A bunch of config changes to help balance the pack more and to remove materials for mods that are not in the pack that some new mods have been adding and were therefore adding unnecessary clutter to the pack.

Not sure why no one cared to mention that apples were no longer obtainable from oak trees. This happened when Forestry got added because that mod wants you to breed apple trees. Therefore there is a new script that turns acorns into apples by surrounding them with rose red dye.

Removing Ore Excavation mod as it seems horribly broken now, adding the tradition vein miner in it’s place.

Added deathcounter mod, seems some players want to know how often they are being sacrificed to the dragons.

Removed Signals mod because for some players it causes very bad issues. I think it’s a bad issue most of the time but in this pack not many people use it due to all the flying and teleporting.

Removed Pillagers just because. I didn’t notice anyone talking about the drops they got from killing villagers. Probably a useless mod for us.





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