World of Dragons 15.1.195


Clearly major version 15 is the streamlining diet version.

Techguns is eliminated because it conflicts with astral sorcery way too much. I thought about making a patch for it but then realized the mod author hasn’t worked on the mod for 4.5 months now. Then I thought, oh he ported it, so let’s check the licenses. The License is all rights reserved and the mod he ported was his own, so I can’t even patch it and release my own version of it. So, yeah, bye.

Tiny Mob Farms because it wasn’t the ideal mod for vanquishing mob farms. It bought it’s own server tick issues because players dont’ just make one they make 1000’s!

Removed the broken quests

Server Owners make sure that <pack>/config and <pack>/scripts are copied over.




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