A letter to LukeGo, A streamer

Explaining what happened to WOD

I saw that LukeGo who streams at https://www.twitch.tv/Warl0k84 mentioned that he has opened a public all welcome WOD server.

Therefore I felt it fitting to tell him the following. However, this is not just for LukeGo but for anyone that wants to know why WOD has been fraught with lag issues on it’s main servers. Why WOD has more lag than other packs of similar size.

Let’s make it clear that WOD is highly optimized, but no amount of optimization will prepare an official server that servers 1000’s of players for the elite few who think that it is their GOD GIVEN RIGHT to hog all the ticks and create the most insane energy, mana, and item generation machines to exist. Machines that should only exist in single player or on private server. No amount of hardware will kill this kind of lag.

The letter:

7:27 AM]
The Truest Dragon:
@LukeGo you will want to pay attention to what has been going on. As you recall I had a big wipe just a month after starting Major version 14. Major 14 started on Xmas day 2018. We had a player set up a base near spawn claims at y level to hide that produced only mana that was sent to another location. It was a highticking item and I destroyed it. Which ruptured the receiving end and made the world unlivable. The player was on and knew what had and happened and why but did not admit to it so we didn’t know right off who had done it.

[7:28 AM]
The Truest Dragon:In the interim I had decided to throw more machine and ram at the problem and upgraded the server from 32gb to 64, 8core to 12 core, i5 to i7, things were fine till roughly 1.5 months ago and then the same thing started happening more and more.

[7:29 AM]
The Truest Dragon:The player in question started building a giant IRON E (irony) I started to hear about it but didn’t know it was 45k blocks of iron.

[7:30 AM]
The Truest Dragon:This player was also telling other players how to hog the server ticks. This tick hoggers turns out were the players complaining about lag too most of the time. Because when players explore to find dragons it slows down the MUST HAVE IT ALL CONTRAPTIONS.

[7:32 AM]
The Truest Dragon:Now to a few days ago. We found another base at bedrock level at spawn (I call this y level for some reason). The reason is that spawn is chunk loaded by default. It was another mana generator from botania just like the previous one I broke. This time because of all the issues I had at my disposal mad nbt editing skills, i’ve gotten very good at it. So I pulled the region file and analyzed the chunk and found out it was Bowtiesrcoolx. Likely he caused all of lag issues back 2018 too. I was optimizing the pack endlessly against him and those whom he told how to do it.

[7:32 AM]
The Truest Dragon:
So we banned him and leveled his base, it was horrid @Grok_DuckFarmer can give you the gory details, you need to learn how to use lag goggles btw.

[7:33 AM]
The Truest Dragon:When I banned him his compatriots began to get mouthy, we investigated their bases, they were all doing it.

[7:33 AM]
The Truest Dragon:The mod makeup wasn’t ever causing the lag it was the inconsiderate players.

[7:34 AM]
The Truest Dragon:My pack is completely optimized. Keep that in mind with your public server, when you notice tps drop to below 10 it’s because players have gotten on and are creating near infinite power, near infinite item generation and their using high ticking items in the process. Be prepared to ban as no amount of purchasing new equipment will help.

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