World of Dragons 15.4.198


Server Owners make sure that <pack>/config and <pack>/scripts are copied over.

Removed ENDERBOOK from cyclic as it gets around the tp limits I imposed on the public servers.

Added No Lava Bucketing to facilitate actually removing liquids I don’t want you to have not just recipes. No, I’m not using it to block lava, I’m using it to block picking up antimatter liquid from the Abbysalcraft Antimatter Lakes.

I keep forgetting to shutdown the client when using twitch as the pack builder, because if you don’t and you delete a mod NotEnoughCompression, it doesn’t actually delete and stays there. It’s gone now.

Removed Tiny Mob Farms

Disabled the affect of corallium to add other liquids to itself.

Disabled dreadlands spreading.

Blacklisted bucket of antimatter.

Configured COFH world config to make bedrock layer 2 blocks deep and flat, retroactively too!




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