Thanking the DNC for keeping racism alive, they’re version of it, and constantly trying to convince their people that the conservatives are too blame. The conservatives meanwhile have given up and all but for a few have laid down. The DNC can do what it wants now. USA? bah, Republic? No forget about? True Democracy? Never existed! Individual Freedoms? you have them now because Americans of all colors, creeds, and religions faught for a common principle detailed in the Bill of Rights, and The Constitution of the United States of America. You’re freedoms are at a cross roads! They are in the fields standing against tyranny!!! But you are not there to man the cannons. You will lose and a new form of government, with its own ideals, constitution, laws, policing entities, leaders, politicians, and yes corruption. All power corrupts, the new powers are already corrupted, do not think otherwise. In this new state, your action of inaction has secured that we will all wear the same color, that future generations won’t know what the internet is, or anything about The Simpsons, The Simpson who got off on “if it doesn’t fit, you must acquit!” Don’t you think he pumped on salt before the day of the fitting? There will be no tv, no travel, only Ocasio Cortez can fly because she will oversee your work farms where you pick her cotton to make her textiles that she sells to Peru so she can have a mango, meanwhile you’re eating maggots because oatmeal after 180 days taste like garbage. Yes, welcome to Communism. But you don’t know or have forgotten, you’ve allowed all of our history to be rewritten, taken down, etc, destroyed, you sat on your couch giving it up to god, but your bible never says that, your little leaders do but the big guy know, he does not.

Yeah, reality, will set in too late for everyone.

I’m vocal in my community and I feel like everyone is scared to listen, one on one they agree, but in a group, they shy away. We’re already there, just a few more steps to go, and the new iron curtain will drop.

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