The Seilican Experience

Version: 2.13.14

Forge: 1.15.2-31.2.21

A mod to dynamically allow you to switch between conflicting recipes to get their outputs has shown up called PolyMorph.

Also added another new mod called Mass Key Unbinder which on first run deactivates (unassigns) all keys accept for the vanilla keys.

Good News Everyone!!! Create Mod, the one with the windmills and giant stone grinders has finally updated to 1.15.2!

The update in Refined Storage fixes a lot of bugs. However it’s namespace has changed. Existing RS systems may or may not break. If they break, have your admin or server op replace them for you. Sadly your hoard pile might also vanish too. 🙁

Xaero’s Mods are still in the pack but disabled, I got tired of it asking me to verify the world map and the other maps data. That should be automatic since there is no other way to go with it. If you require them enable them and disable or remove Journeymap.

Added Journeymap, it was not available when we started 1.15.2, but it is now.

Removed Vanilla Tweaks’ storage blocks due to recipe conflicts, it was all or nothing, so I went with all. It’s really sad that StrykerRocker didn’t think to allow each type to be individually toggled.


  • xaeros-minimap
  • xaeros-world-map




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