Is CurseForge for 3rd Party Launchers Doomed?

[7:19 AM] Kreezxil: For example ATL & GDL and both make and launch fabric packs as well as forge packs, GDL actually allows you to browse the curse repo to build them
[9:19 AM] falseresync: GDL is super buggy, not really as malware as Twitch, but rich in bugs on the same level
[9:31 AM] PoisonDart: I’m really hoping this will be better than twitch
[9:33 AM] Claycorp: We had this talk in the CF discord. Opening an api to let people use the CF database will cut into ad revenue.
So it’s a double edged sword, devs want more money (as does ow) but allowing any launcher to just hook in makes the “official” one less intresting for a wider audience. Especially with the whole possible ad in launcher bit.
[10:09 AM] calloatti: Just because the former Twitch/Curseforge management were idiots that does not mean the future management will continue the same stupid short sighted policies. There are many ways to monetize/get benefits from a proper open API. Synergy is a thing.
[10:12 AM] calloatti: Dedicated hobbyists that many times lead in new directions or set trends will always exist. You can either work against them or with them, but they will keep existing.(edited)
[10:12 AM] calloatti: Curseforge owes their very existence to them.(edited)
[10:14 AM] calloatti: And all the talks you could have had over at the CF discord are worth exactly $0. The company is being sold for a reason.
[10:28 AM] Kreezxil: to counter GDL being supper buggy, duh, it’s in development and it’s only being developed by about 5 passionate coders, not a team that was or is actively being paid. That said, it is not super buggy it reliably installs both Fabric and Forge packs. What we have discovered is that players computers, typically Windows based ones are poorly configured and woefully outdated. Despite M$ forcing downloads on them, the things that need to be current are not.
[10:30 AM] Kreezxil: To counter clay’s discussion, CF is ripe for competition, that is being talked about too, just because you and your cohorts squash those conversations doesn’t mean it’s not being actively discussed. Squashed conversations led to the creation of GDL, look how that’s going.
[10:30 AM] Kreezxil: I’m in full support of an open api where the launcher devs get to take part in developing its RFC(edited)
[10:31 AM] Kreezxil: might as well make a standard if you want to avoid a competitor

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