Modded Minecraft 1.12.2 – A Conundrum

We keep hearing that 1.12.2 is old, unsupported and dead. But is that true?

It surely can’t be. The only launcher that was ever truly tied to CurseForge commercially was Twitch. Twitch has currently not allowed any packs higher than 1.12.2 to launch.

How then can 1.12.2 be dead?

Is it because it is clear that Forge and Fabric have moved well beyond it. If that be the case then that provides fodder for the 3rd party launchers. If it were not for GDLauncher and MultiMC as well as some others there would be no 1.13, 1.14, 1.15, and now 1.16 packs to launch.

Nay, this is opinion at best, but I say in light of that, that 1.12.2 is far from being dead. Until such time as a major launcher tied to CurseForge begins to allow packs higher than 1.12.2 to launch, then it is not dead.

Blanket statements like no one codes for it is not true. It’s like saying 1.7.10 is dead because no one codes for it. Sure it’s not very popular, but i’ve coded for it in the last 6 months and the guy that makes rotarycraft exclusively codes for it releasing patches each month.

I’ll leave it up to to you to research it, but consider carefully the statements being made here and then go vote on ideas at to make your thoughts heard not just about what I presented here, but your own concerns plus vote and comment on others like you there that you might see.

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