New Server Icon on Discord

Created by Maver MCVideo Studio (possibly fictional). Join and then hover the dragon to see it.

If we can more people to boost the server we can have an animated banner too!

I bought NITRO full and immediately put the 2 boosts on my own server.

As you can see we now have a total of 100 emoji slots. If you’re interested and you’re familiar with my server please design and share with us your emoji. Try to theme it to my server. We’re not just Dragons. Feel free to redesign the existing emoji if you are so compelled.

Voice channels just got turned up to 128kbps. Meaning you can tell when your friends have strep throat now.

High quality streaming.

And a static server invite background. Hmm. Heh, Maver want to do something else?

And now the image i promised you.

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