Politics & Gaming

Should they be mixed?

When it comes to gaming software I feel that it should not be mixed. But in your discussion mediums to include blogs, websites, Discord, IRC, Twitter, Facebook, and Songwriters.help sure no problem go ahead.

Why am I outraged?

There are two large mods in the Minecraft modding community that have taken up the torch of political immersion with announcemnts about certain riotus causes, or that voting is your right and you need to do it now. However, at least one of them decided to tell us exactly how they were going to vote as if to say “you’re with me or you’re not”.

It’s the same thing as when a well-known ex-wrestling celebrity actor in popular children and young adult films endorse a political candidate. Dude we love your movies, but now you’ve picked a side publicly and you’re both in the state where both your candidate’s tax policies and your states tax policy will reduce every common dollar you earn to 38 cents. Seriously, is it possible you don’t live off your earning any more?

What can you do about it?

I ask you to go to curseforge-ideas.overwolf.com/ideas/CF-I-335 and vote your mind. If you’re for this type of behavior in mods comment that you are and start a new vote asking for the counter. If your not vote for it and i also beg of you to comment as to why you voted for it. Don’t just say you agree, tell us why in your words why you agree. Don’t worry about spelling.

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