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MicroManager Claims

9:01 AM] Kreezxil: this gives me an idea for a mod that i can’t code
[9:02 AM] 1WolfsGlory: Most of the stuff I make now is over 30k item input, or rare enough in world gen to make myself find it difficult
[9:02 AM] Kreezxil: M&M Claiming
[9:02 AM] Kreezxil: Micro-Managment Claiming
[9:02 AM] Kreezxil: basically anything you place is claimed, and it gets a timeout, but you can set some properties on it to allow it to be used.
[9:03 AM] Draelock: would be VERY NICE
[9:03 AM] 1WolfsGlory: 8 chunks would be the shortest rail claim ever lol. only 128 blocks
[9:03 AM] Kreezxil: you would likely have to enter a mode to do it like /mmclaim true
[9:03 AM] Kreezxil: but it would not claim chunks(edited)
[9:04 AM] Kreezxil: like just that rail the block you put the rail on would get claimed for example
[9:04 AM] Kreezxil: who could i tell it to that could make it
[9:04 AM] 1WolfsGlory: Would it be immune to explosions or other types of group mining?
[9:04 AM] Kreezxil: @[ZLAB]Eleksploded you want a kick ass mod idea?
[9:04 AM] Kreezxil: it would need to be
[9:05 AM] Kreezxil: like it could be something that i could sell a rank to access(edited)
[9:05 AM] Kreezxil: at first it woldn’t, i’d want to test it
[9:06 AM] Kreezxil: normally claim systems take the easy way out and claim entire chunks
[9:06 AM] Kreezxil: this way we could have a team of rail builders and only what they actually placed would be claimed and undestroyable, leaving the land around them ready for claiming.
[9:07 AM] Kreezxil: thinking into the future tho, it would mean that existing chunk claim systems would have to adapt to it somehow lest they be considered incompatible

I’m releasing this thought into the wild, feel free to make a mod of it under the WTFPL license.

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