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Architectury API (Forge) ([Forge 1.16.4/5] v1.10.139[Forge 1.16.4/5] v1.11.144)

[Forge 1.16.4/5] v1.11.144

Architectury v1.11.144 for 1.16.4/5

Updated at 2021-04-15 15:30.

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  • Bump to 1.11
  • Some more (mostly Entity-based) Events (#75)

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[Forge 1.16.4/5] v1.10.142

Architectury v1.10.142 for 1.16.4/5

Updated at 2021-04-13 11:43.

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  • Re-license header
  • Add docs

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CraftTweaker (CraftTweaker-1.16.5-


Current version:

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Current version:

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Current version:

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Current version:

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Current version:

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Create (Create 1.16.4+ v0.3.1bCreate 1.16.4+ v0.3.1c)

Create 1.16.4+ v0.3.1c

Create 0.3.1c

for Minecraft 1.16.4 & .5

“Frantic bug-fixing”

Notice: Minimum Forge Version raised to 35.1.16

Enhancements, Fixes

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Curios API (Forge) (curios-forge-1.16.5-



All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file.

The format is based on Keep a Changelog and this project adheres to Forge Recommended Versioning.

[1.16.5-] – 2021.04.14


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Cyclic (Cyclic-1.16.5-1.2.3.jarCyclic-1.16.5-1.2.7.jar)


Fix server startup crash introduced in 1.2.6


Added two new blocks that mimic other blocks Concentrated glowstone and Concentrated soundproofing.

Build scepters now render the block being used on the cross-hair.

Added Ender Apples to find structures, and apples of chorus, bone, and prismarine for other effects (and moved some textures in the rp).


Update Crafting machine again from 1.2.4, for recipes with container items (empty buckets or essence crystals).

Wireless redstone now has a helpful rendering option.


Solidifier recipes updated to now be shapeless, so automation is easier.

Crafting machine secondary output -such as empty bottles and buckets- now goes to output slot (fix by shatulsky on github).

Charms and Auto torches can now be turned on-off with right click similar to Flippers and climbing glove, shows in tooltip.

Fixed ConcurrentModificationException error in Caving Torch.

Fix AutoCaveTorchItem to only place torches on valid surfaces (fix by vemerion on github)

Easy Villagers ([1.16.5] Easy Villagers 1.16.5-1.0.7[1.16.5] Easy Villagers 1.16.5-1.0.8)

[1.16.5] Easy Villagers 1.16.5-1.0.8

  • Fixed trader rendering

JEITweaker (JEITweaker-1.16.5-


Current version:

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Macaw’s Trapdoors ([1.0.1 / 1.16.5/4] Macaw’s Trapdoors[1.0.2 / 1.16.5/4] Macaw’s Trapdoors)

[1.0.2 / 1.16.5/4] Macaw’s Trapdoors

  • Added resourcepack compatible trapdoors
  • Added two metal trapdoors


  • Korean by othuntgithub
  • Chinese by Aemande123

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Mahou Tsukai ([Minecraft 1.16.5] mahoutsukai-v1.29.1[Minecraft 1.16.5] mahoutsukai-v1.29.5)

[Minecraft 1.16.5] mahoutsukai-v1.29.5

  • add gui text showing death collection mana drain

[Minecraft 1.16.5] mahoutsukai-v1.29.4

  • fix bug where weapon projectile bow had no durability
  • added durability config, projectile speed config, and damage multiplier config for weapon projectile bow
  • reimplementing POWER_CONSOLIDATION_RETRO_FOG_FIX to handle lake tiles that were previously tile entities but are no longer tile entities. if you have a lake in your world with no fog, and it bothers you, set this to true, then load all the chunks with murky water blocks in them. then turn this off because it will slow down new worldgen unnecessarily. or you can just remake the lake.

[Minecraft 1.16.5] mahoutsukai-v1.29.3

  • added config to disable rain from the mystic staff

[Minecraft 1.16.5] mahoutsukai-v1.29.2

  • rewrote murky water to no longer be a tile entity and instead keep track of it internally, to prevent it from interfering with Crash Utilities

Nasty Mobs (NastyMobs-1.16.3-


Dispenser support and some minor changes


Dispenser support and some minor changes

Pipez ([1.16.5] Pipez 1.16.5-1.2.6[1.16.5] Pipez 1.16.5-1.2.7)

[1.16.5] Pipez 1.16.5-1.2.7

  • Fixed energy pipe distribution

Skyblock Builder (skyblockbuilder-1.16.4-1.4.1.jarskyblockbuilder-1.16.4-1.4.2.jar)


  • add config to spawn in other dimensions – MelanX

Solar Flux Reborn ([1.16.2-1.16.5] Solar Flux Reborn – 16.2.3[1.16.2-1.16.5] Solar Flux Reborn – 16.2.5)

[1.16.2-1.16.5] Solar Flux Reborn – 16.2.5

Added solar panel weather multipliers for rain and thunder.

Added ability to disable recipes.

Added JDK 15 compatibility.

Fixed resource pack language info provider; we only provide pack file.

[FORGE] Iron Furnaces (ironfurnaces-1.16.5-2.6.6.jarironfurnaces-1.16.5-2.6.7.jar)


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