Sky Stream Madness

The Big Thing

Got rid of Construction Wand because more oft than not it would crash on client startup. Tried other wands they crashed even worse. Replaced the Construction Wand mod with Direwolf20’s Building Gadget which contains even more features.

Added a recipe to get Bedrock, and it’s very expensive to get. Which was done for the FluxNetworks users. A probably somewhat easier way to get bedrock is to create a dimension in RFTOOLS and go there, plus there would be other advantages.

Added lots more quests to help you get started and to explain some other nuances.

If you were enjoying singleplayer and have entered the UNDERGARDEN, you might not want to update. I removed that mod because it doesn’t work on the server.

Sky Stream Madness 2.2.3⟶Sky Stream Madness 2.3.4



Controlling (Controlling-


Current version:

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Numina (Numina-1.16.4-Alpha-8Numina-1.16.4-Alpha-9)


  • fixed infinite player energy issue.

Placebo (Placebo-1.16.4-4.4.1.jarPlacebo-1.16.4-4.4.2.jar)


ItemAdapter can now deserialize an empty stack if passed minecraft:air

Added an event for when items are used

Added compat with Lootr

Added an event for when a player blocks with a shield

Make SpawnerEditor use IWorld

Productive Bees (productivebees-1.16.5-


– Fixed a tag problem with uraninite bee causing server connection issues

– Fixed crash when using the bee Incubator

– Added a new filter upgrade for the beehive and catcher

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Resourceful Bees (ResourcefulBees-1.16.5-


—– [] —–

  • Fixed an error trying to process bee damage immunities, in doing so we actually added the ability for all damage sources including modded ones to be allowed.

—– [] —–

  • Fixed a crash when attempting to breed bees with no feed return item

—– [0.6.7b] —–

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Tinkers Construct (Tinkers’ Construct for 1.16.5Tinkers’ Construct for 1.16.5)

Tinkers’ Construct for 1.16.5

  • Added materials pages to the books for the first 4 tiers
  • Fix crash on mobs spawning on certain blocks
  • Potentially fix crash with tags on server load

Tinkers’ Construct for 1.16.5


  • Make it cheaper to cast blaze rods from molten blaze
  • Casting blaze rods now requires a rod cast, which can also be used for some Immersive Engineering recipes
  • Added multi-use cast tags so other mods can more easily add cast variants
  • More metal melting and casting support. Now supports gears, plates, rods, sheetmetal, and coins

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Torchmaster (torchmaster-2.3.6.jartorchmaster-2.3.7.jar)



  • Fix phantoms not being blocked by shroomdog27
  • Add kr-kr Translation by myoun
  • Add zh-cn Translation by 1478599553


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