Sky Stream Madness

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Advanced Peripherals (Advanced Peripherals 0.5.1bAdvanced Peripherals 0.5.2b)

Advanced Peripherals 0.5.2b

Added DrawCircle, FillCircle and DrawItemIcon to the AR Controller/AR Goggles.

Fixed that the inventory manager does not drop the contents.

Also fixed that not existing tile entities are saved.

Diamond Glass (diamondglass-1.16.5-4.3.28.jardiamondglass-1.16.5-4.5.30.jar)


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Black/White Listing

Use both and it gets super restrictive. There is a debugMode that will determine if messages print to console/log or not.

Mahou Tsukai ([Minecraft 1.16.5] mahoutsukai-v1.29.5[Minecraft 1.16.5] mahoutsukai-v1.30.0)

[Minecraft 1.16.5] mahoutsukai-v1.30.0

  • damage immunity and geas cancelling damage no longer consumes damage exchange stacks, among other things
  • added mystic code enchant blacklist config
  • removed glove from mystic code model
  • added keybind with some color settings
  • souls now drain themselves every 5 seconds if the current mana + regen is less than the amount held souls cost.

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Numina (Numina-1.16.4-Alpha-9Numina-1.16.5-Alpha-10)


fixed tools breaking bedrock


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