SSM: Competition Edition

Sky Stream Madness is a Competition Version of the main pack and has the following differences below in the change log. It is harder to get resources.

The purpose is that you should stream this separate from your friends and not watch what they are doing to see who can make it the farthest in a given amount of time.

My next videos will be based on this concept.

My friend TheAmazingHaru and I will record separately without streaming, and after the set amount of time recording will stop, he’ll send his files to me and I create a collage showing our side by side activity.


We could just stream side by side, and trust the other won’t watch the others stream. I don’t trust the method, because either of us might be compelled to watch and even if not, one of you might be compelled to watch and then squeal.

Sky Stream Madness 2.12.13⟶Sky Stream Madness Competition Edition 1.0.1



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