World of Dragons

World of Dragons 22.11.287⟶World of Dragons 22.12.288


CraftTweaker (CraftTweaker2-1.12-


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CreativeCore (CreativeCore_v1.10.57_mc1.12.2.jarCreativeCore_v1.10.61_mc1.12.2.jar)


Fixed line preview growth of normal box


Fixed not taking care of float point precision when checking if point is on line

Fixed epsilon being too accurate


Fixed being able to retrieve a null facing for a corner


Fixed crashes which could occur in rare cases when using pillar shape

Electroblob’s Wizardry (Electroblob’s Wizardry – 4.3.1 – MC 1.12.2Electroblob’s Wizardry – 4.3.4 – MC 1.12.2)

Electroblob’s Wizardry – 4.3.4 – MC 1.12.2

Version 4.3.4 – Patching up the Armour

  • Added information about the new armour classes to The Wizard’s Handbook
  • Increased total cooldown reduction for warlock armour from 30% to 40%, and battlemage from 15% to 20% (the previous values were broken though)
  • Mana flasks no longer take time to use in creative mode
  • Updated Chinese (simplified) translations, courtesy of TUSama et al.

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Electroblob’s Wizardry – 4.3.3 – MC 1.12.2

Version 4.3.3 – The Armour Classes Update!

  • Added 3 new armour classes – the sage, the battlemage and the warlock – each in the 8 elemental varieties
  • Added resplendent thread, crystal silver plating and ethereal crystalweave, used to upgrade regular armour into class armour
  • Added the new armour upgrades to loot tables
  • Added recipes for the new armour to JEI, along with info pages for the 3 upgrade items

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Electroblob’s Wizardry – 4.3.2 – MC 1.12.2

Version 4.3.2 – Translations and Fixes

  • Updated Chinese (simplified and traditional) translations, courtesy of TUSama et al.
  • Updated Korean translations, courtesy of red1854th
  • Updated German translations, courtesy of Lemopav
  • Update Russian translations, courtesy of DrHesperus

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Just Enough Calculation (JustEnoughCalculation-1.12.2-3.2.5.jarJustEnoughCalculation-1.12.2-3.2.6.jar)


Fix #73

Lava Dynamics (lavadynamics-1.12.2-5.6.15.jarlavadynamics-1.12.2-5.6.16.jar)


  • Bandaid change for extreme lag on WorldEvent.Save events
  • An actual fix is coming soon!

LittleTiles (LittleTiles_v1.5.4_mc1.12.2.jarLittleTiles_v1.5.14_mc1.12.2.jar)


Fixed intersection method of transformable box can cause crash

Fixed rare crash when using mark mode (potentially)

Fixed ignoring corners when combining transformable boxes


Fixed line preview growth of normal box

Fixed crash causing by recent fix


Fixed concave shape not rendering properly in certain cases

Fixed virtual number outputting signal with 0 bandwidth


Fixed mark mode position rendering when using inside position

Added virtual number signal input

Fixed pillar shape not updating correctly when using mark mode

Fixed keeping mark mode even after editing with hammer/ paint brush

Fixed input/output not being invisible even if they should be

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Fixed taking wrong state when replacing block

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MTLib (MTLib-3.0.6MTLib-3.0.7)


Fix log helper issues.

Thanks Democat!

Mahou Tsukai ([Minecraft 1.12.2] mahoutsukai-v1.19.42[Minecraft 1.12.2] mahoutsukai-v1.19.46)

[Minecraft 1.12.2] mahoutsukai-v1.19.46

  • hopefully fix server stall with beam mode when used near other explosions

[Minecraft 1.12.2] mahoutsukai-v1.19.45

  • fix bug where fae scrolls couldnt be used for cup of heaven or retribution

[Minecraft 1.12.2] mahoutsukai-v1.19.44

  • fix BLOCK_BREAK_PER_TICK config for beam so that 0 can disable damage entirely

[Minecraft 1.12.2] mahoutsukai-v1.19.43

  • fix durability configs not applying correctly
  • fix rho aias hitbox to be more representative of its shape

ModTweaker (modtweaker-4.0.18modtweaker-4.0.19)


Actually use displayStack #779 – Democat3457

Configurable BWM Mill Ticks (#762) Fix blockstates with BWM HeatRegistry (#766) Add flipped BWM anvil recipe – Democat3457

Mystical World (mysticalworld-1.12.2-1.9.5.jarmysticalworld-1.12.2-1.9.8.jar)


  • Properly fix Thaumcraft issue.


  • Fix cooked carrots and cooked beetroots returning bowls
  • Fixed clam default weights to prevent them from overwhelming squid
  • Adjusted clam spawn conditions to simply below sea level
  • You will need to delete your current Mystical World config if you have had issues with squid spawning.
  • Adjusted clam particles so they no longer spam quite as much.

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Reborn Core (Archived file⟶RebornCore-1.12.2-3.19.5-universal.jar)


This update contains an important security, it is highly recommended that all users update.

Roots (Roots-1.12.2-3.0.33.jarRoots-1.12.2-3.0.35.jar)


  • Fix server sidedness issues.


  • Small hotfix to the Radiance visuals to prevent conflict with Valkyrian Skies: client-sided visual logic is now properly deferred to the main thread instead of being executed on the network thread.

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