Curseforge Reward Delay – Santa Saddened

Santa and The Dreidel Overlord

Please go there and vote on it to get their attention.

What it says:

Reward Payment Delay Explanation Please and Thank You

Some of us, probably all those that were expecting more $20 this month December 2021 were probably looking forward to having that reward on the first of the month.

Some of us are in a much larger bracket such as myself, very high, I got bills that are hinged on it. My mistake right, should’ve never done that. If it wasn’t for my sponsor, I probably would’ve given up entirely on Minecraft content creation thanks to the delay in payment, now going on 15 days with no mention as to why it’s being delayed.

Please don’t cite the “it can take up to 60 days” as you established a habit of paying on the first of the month. The previous company frequently paid sporadically so we didn’t come to expect much from them, but then you changed it, and now you’re acting like them. Did you hire someone from their team to cause this to happen?

I’m not one for depression, the community can attest to it, but this is causing tantamount stress and worry to me.