Vintage Story

Vintage Story Mod Pack


As of Vintage Story 1.15.0, mod packs are distributed via the server! What a novel idea, eh?

Hey Minecraft, maybe you should do that.

However, that makes it harder on mod authors and pack developers to make money. Or, does it?

I’m thinking it doesn’t based on this blurb on their website:

Page-Ethical.png.63f7c0e016476d83e8ecfa84b9be7cfe.png Fair & Independent
No marketplace. No loot boxes. No microtransactions. No paid DLC. No hidden fees. No pay2win. No ads. No user data monetization. No software patents. No shareholders. No publisher. No NFTs. No BlockChain. No 3rd party interests.


Meaning our mods hosted on their site can’t have ads, but if you link homepages elsewhere to those hostings, those can have them. Or do they mean, they don’t have ads, but we can have ads? I’ll research this deeper and find out for you.

What I’m able to determine from playing so far, is that servers can be password protected, and someone could easily create a shop or gating mod that puts assets behind a payment gateway. So yea, there is a way to make money. Let’s call it HyPixel money. Yeah, I used that name to get more readers on this blog entry, lol.

The statement I believe applies entirely to the software, the website, and the mod db and nothing else.

I wonder if it’s possible to make mods that are licensed to a server? Sure it can, a modder could make a server only config that contained a license key that was hashed against a server’s IP or mac address, or machine fingerprint like the way Microsoft does with Windows. And that way the mod would only run if on that server and also on a client connected to that server.

Granted, I wouldn’t make such a mod, but that’s the concept if someone wants to figure out how to monetize their mod.

I, personally, would just go with Bisect Hosting ad, probably I’ll figure out how to make a popup in game that says, “this mod, or pack made possible by a partnership with BH” and then it would display my banner and conversion link.

Ok, ok, long story short aka the TL;DR you can play on my server by getting Vintage Story from and then connecting to there is no password. When you connect, the current mods will be downloaded. Enjoy trying not to die!