World of Dragons II


World of Dragons II

World of Dragons II 4.14.63⟶4.15.64


Collective (Forge) (collective-1.16.5-4.24.jarcollective-1.16.5-4.25.jar)


Changelog: Added max distance to recursive lookup functions. (4 more lines)

Comforts (Forge) (comforts-forge-1.16.5-


Changelog All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file. (44 more lines)

EnderTanks (endertanks-1.16-1.9.9.jarendertanks-1.16-1.9.10.jar)


  • Cleaned up recipes; there is now only a single recipe for each item rather than one for each color.
This simplifies resourcepack recipe replacement, and mod pack progress gating.

Macaw’s Bridges ([2.0.1 / 1.16.5] Macaw’s Bridgesv2.0.2 / mc1.16.5 – Forge)

v2.0.2 / mc1.16.5 – Forge

  • Wooden/Bamboo bridges/stairs/piers can be used as fuel in furnaces
(6 more lines)

Macaw’s Fences and Walls ([1.0.2 / 1.16.5] Macaw’s Fences and Wallsv1.0.3 / mc1.16.5 – Forge)

v1.0.3 / mc1.16.5 – Forge

Added : Wooden Fences/Gates work as furnace fuel

Macaw’s Lights and Lamps ([1.0.2 / 1.16.5] Macaw’s Lights and Lampsv1.0.3 / mc1.16.5 – Forge)

v1.0.3 / mc1.16.5 – Forge

Fixed : Wrong texture on turned off Lime Lamp Fixed : Server crashing (1 more line)

Macaw’s Roofs ([2.1.0 / 1.16.5] Macaw’s Roofsv2.1.1 / mc1.16.5 – Forge)

v2.1.1 / mc1.16.5 – Forge

  • Wooden/Wool roofs can now be used as furnace fuel
(9 more lines)

Macaw’s Trapdoors ([1.0.4 / 1.16.5] Macaw’s Trapdoorsv1.0.5 / mc1.16.5 – Forge)

v1.0.5 / mc1.16.5 – Forge

Fixed : Four Panel Trapdoors have mirrored texture Fixed : Wooden Trapdoors now break faster (2 more lines)

Reliquary Reincarnations (reliquary-1.16.5-


Fixed last potion in stack not working Change interediction torch logic to ignore fishing hooks and shots (3 more lines)

ShetiPhianCore (shetiphiancore-1.16-3.8.10.jarshetiphiancore-1.16-3.8.11.jar)


Updates for EnderChests & EnderTanks recipe changes

iChunUtil (iChunUtil-1.16.5-10.5.1.jariChunUtil-1.16.5-10.5.2.jar)


  • Fixed PortalGun’s birthday event triggering on Feb 9.
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