Gardens Of Glass


Gardens of Glass is a skyblock mod addon for Botania the main mod. While it can fuction perfectly in a world that is normal in generation it is meant for worlds that are generated as voids. Where you can experience of thrill of never exploring again, where your mind like a good book being read is your only limitation.

In Gardens of Glass (GOG), you must create matter by right-clicking dirt to get pebbles that you can then craft into cobble. The mod is typically combined with other mods to give you a different way to achieve an end goal. However, it is complete and those other mods are not needed.

A much older pack that I have created that uses GOG is Gog Tech at

A recent creation by migmag789 at starts you in Botania Gardens of Glass and your goal is to make it to the stars.

Download the mod today for your Forge pack to experience it.

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