Making a Mod Pack


Making a Mod Pack

This is really easy to do. I remember when it was hard. Those days are long gone. You will need one of the following Mod Pack Launchers.


I really recommend the first one.

Using GDLauncher (GDL) to make a pack.

Granted you can install a pack and tweak it. But We’re gonna make one.

  1. Click on the + in the lower left corner.
  2. Vanilla is selected, this is good.
  3. Click on ‘Select a version’, a drop-down will appear.
  4. Click on the type of pack you will be creating, Forge or Fabric. The type is based on the Mod Loader that all, yes all, your mods you have selected require.
  5. Click on the version that your mods require, this version will actually limit which mods you can use. That’s where the beauty of this launcher comes in to play.
  6. Now click on the right arrow icon in the lower right.
  7. Name your pack on the next screen.
  8. Hit the right arrow icon again.
  9. Shortly your pack will be available on the main screen.
  10. Right click it and choose ‘Manage’
  11. Click on ‘Mods’ on the left
  12. And now we get to add mods to it. Click on the ‘Add Mod’ button in the top center. This is where the pack launcher, which is acting as a pack builder shines. Everything you find under this button is limited to the version of Forge or Fabric you selected. You will not be able to install a mod that won’t work for your pack’s mod loader. Further, you don’t have to search all over creation to find stuff. Lots of research steps are simply removed.
  13. Search for or just scroll and browse for mods to add. Click on ‘Install’ for each one you want. The dependency mods will automatically be downloaded and installed for you.
  14. Now that you have selected your 240+ mods, hit the ‘x’ that is the upper right, not for the app, but just about where it says “search” which btw, that is for searching inside the 240+ mods you selected.
  15. Now double click your pack to see if it runs.
  16. When it fails you get to fix it, that’s a subject for another article. Right now you have a pack.
  17. Right click the pack and choose ‘kill’ to force terminate if you ever have an issue like it refusing to shut down. Oh the power!
  18. The pack is shut down now. Right click it and choose ‘Export’.
  19. Give your pack a version, probably 1.0.1 (Major.Minor.Build).
  20. Click on the folder icon and decide where you want the export to go. Downloads is always a good option.
  21. Now click the right arrow icon again.
  22. On this next screen we need to select the folders and files that must be included in our pack so that others can experience what we’ve built. At a minimum, you will need to select if the check box exists, don’t worry if no check box, or the directory isn’t there, the following directories: config, mods, resources, resource packs, scripts. Technically, it’s not a good idea to sender your servers.dat, options.txt, or any other file. That will simply lead to overwriting problems that your users will complain about alot. There are mods such as which can help you distribute a server list, and for distributing options and keybinds. Both don’t overwrite existing settings.
  23. And yes, click that right arrow icon again.
  24. In a few short seconds it will say it’s done. Now you can grab the export (your pack) from where you told it to go and email it, or send thru discord to your friends. Or you could publish it CurseForge.

That’s it! You’re done for now!

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