Overwolf’s New Asset: CurseForge

Let’s do the strange thing and start with a link medium.com/overwolf/a-new-home-for-curseforge-44cbb3add844.

What does it mean?

Bottom line is that it means no more unresponsive launcher apps that have bouts of craziness and a team that feels slow to the respond to issue. On a slightly higher level it means that content authors for all CurseForge (CF) assets will get paid better.

Paid better?

Unlike the other launchers to include Twitch Launcher, there were no ads displayed in them by CF. The Overwolf (OW) pack launcher will feature ads as it does now. These ads will help to generate revenue over and above what is already on CF. The OW team in an unconfirmed chat has indicated that this will result in a 50% better payout than we already enjoy. The article states that “70-80%” of ad revenue will be distributed to the content creators. Factored against the unconfirmed chat I’m wondering how do we know and what is the ad revenue distribution at now. It doesn’t really matter but I’d sure love to know the existing mechanics of the revenue sharing at CF vs what is gong to come, otherwise it’s just floofy words.

However the best part of this unlike CF is that OW actually wants our continued input to help them decide how to both improve CF but their own OW launcher. You can help them by voting, commenting, and created ideas at curseforge-ideas.overwolf.com/.

Here are some ideas that I created that would help all of us including those that run 3rd party launchers.

An API that is open to 3rd party launchers. Per the information that OW will be using their launcher to generate a lot of revenue. My thought is that this API should also push the current ad. To help ensure that 3rd party launchers are displaying the ad, a 3rd Party Launcher Certification should be given to launcher developers that display the ad. A token or something is in the transaction to indicate a sanctioned launcher, if no token the launcher can’t access the api.curseforge-ideas.overwolf.com/ideas/CF-I-161

have a common block option in our profile where we could set some common blocks in our profiles and then include a tag that triggers that block on our asset pages, and then we only have to change the common block to effect everything where it is attached at one time without editing each individually.curseforge-ideas.overwolf.com/ideas/CF-I-295

When Forge is out as an alpha. As such under the current CF policy mods will not be shown to launchers that can build packs. When Forge leaves alpha the cf api will update and mod browsing will be possible in the launchers.

Turns out this policy also affects (yes affect) Fabric mods. I realize that someone probably doesn’t want Fabric to get more notoriety than it already has, but the fact is Fabric is on the latest snapshots well in advance of the Forge team having a beta release of their launcher for each tier.curseforge-ideas.overwolf.com/ideas/CF-I-168

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