Project MMO – No More!

Why I will never used Project MMO ever in my packs.

You can see here that one of my cohorts is reporting an issue with Loris’s mod, to which the response is “the rude guy”. I have never indicated negatively of the project author or the project.
I’m in the same channel where I was called “rude” by Loris. So, it is fitting I call Loris out here. One of the minions belonging to Loris acts.

Now let’s talk about the bug report, to which Loris responds that no further action will be taken and that my pc is to blame. It’s clear that Loris never really looked at the bug report. Because had Loris did, so Loris would have realized it was a dedicated server. In fact, if it was unclear Loris could have said “is this on your pc, what is your pc specs” but that was never asked. Further, Loris’s claim about 1000s of downloads without complaint or issue is of no merit. Everyone who is a dev knows that for every one complaint or issue, 100’s more had the issue, uninstalled it and moved on. No one is GOD, the normal players and developers will not always report issues.

They’re Discord link:

Where I got called rude:

Where my report was basically tossed into oblivion:

I can’t respond to every Discord Loris, you have a no ping rule, why should I listen for your pings too? I have prior commitments. My Discord has over 1300 members on it. I represent 61 mod packs and 40 mods. You need to use a GitHub or similar issue tracker.

So now, is this rude, or is it brutal honesty.

Let’s go with honesty.

And I will never use your mod again.

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