Photo by CliPhotography on Pixabay

What is this?

It is an alternate way you can donate to the Kreezcraft projects.

What do I do?

Download and install the Brave the Browser from The Brave Browser is a web browser that runs on the Chrome engine. It is more secure than Google Chrome and comes with ad blocking built right in.

Now that Brave is installed go to If you’re reading this you should be here already. Go to the address bar (url bar) and find the triangle.

Click on the triangle.

It should say

Activate the include in Auto-Contribute.

Set the monthly BAT to 10% you can try for higher but I’ve noticed that it typically won’t do more than that.

And finally hit OK.

Then as long as you use the Brave Browse the fine folks at Brave will use they’re own money to send me that amount every month without you paying a dime.

Proving it’s you

This is all well and good. So in order to prove it’s you that donated to me and so I can allocate you the right ranks on my ranked servers or to give you a proper shout out, I need you to go to use the form below to fill in some data but don’t hit send until you’ve followed all of my instructions.

With the above form filled out click the triangle again and make screen capture. Put the capture on and grab the share link.

Then goto and send me a private message with a copy of the imgur share link.

Paste the imgur share link into the box above and then hit submit. Once I verify the data on both Curseforge and from my own collection from the form above I’ll give you the appropriate rank.

Caveat Emptor

By now if you’re living in one of those countries that prevent it’s people easily monetizing the platforms they utilize you might be realizing there is an alternate way for you to make money.

Yes, that’s right. Make your own website, get it verified with Brave as a content publisher and then tell your visitors to do the same. If you don’t care who they are then you don’t need to tell them as much as I did. I’m only asking for all this information because CRYPTO is inherently private.

In about a month if enough people follow your instructions you’ll have quite a bit of BAT coin in your UPHOLD wallet that you can sell on an exchange. It usually sells for about 20 to 40 cents on the dollar. I would at that point convert it to BITCOIN (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH) as lots of platforms accept donations in either and now you have an alternate way to both earn money and donate to platforms that you use.


You have to keep using the Brave Browser.