The Dragon is Kreezxil

In the Minecraft modding community, I, Kreezxil, am the head of the World of Dragons themed packs to include Medieval Times, Bane of Dragons, Svět Draků, Edge of Twilight and so many more.

I have in my asset collection over 80 mod packs and 18 mods.

The packs are created by myself and only made possible through the countless hours of work and devotion of the mod authors’ mods that are in the packs. I only take credit for stitching the mods together via their configs and adding questing systems where possible along with CraftTweaker when possible to make a joy inducing experience.

I have created from scratch a vast majority of my mod list out of the 18 so far, several are taken over mods to continue where their authors’ fell short for whatever the reason and where the license permitted it.

All my projects regarding modded Minecraft can be found at