September 23, 2020

Modded Minecraft Pack Launchers

I personally recommend the Gorilla Devs Launcher from as it provides for fast packer installs and launching. This launcher like MultiMC supports Linux, but unlike MultiMC it can launch the latest packs andmods.

In Second place is Twitch launcher from Second place because their dev release cycle is terribly slow, no Linux support, altho they do support Mac. Horribly slow pack downloads and just as slow pack launches. It does support launching the latest packs and mods.

In Third place is MultiMC from which lags behind the top two when implementing the latest Forge and Fabric, but it can still install and load packs fast. It does have one major caveat in that it uses it’s custom API to download packs. Meaning that when the top two fail, this one will succeed. It also does not support building custom packs easily. Yes it supports drag and drop, but there is no custom catalog browsing of mods like you can do with the GDL and Twitch launchers.

There are other launchers out there and if you think I left out one that should be here, please double check that it browse and install Curse packs before recommending it in the comments below.

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