The following servers are up, to gain access to them, install their client packs and click on multiplayer.

[10:45 AM] Kreezxil: wodna is wod based on 1.15.2 using wyrmroost and also has minecolonies
[10:45 AM] Kreezxil: wod is 1.12.2 and has minecolonies
[10:45 AM] Kreezxil: god block, a sky block based on my nothingness block, like stoneblock but really different, might have minecolonies
[10:46 AM] Kreezxil: svet draku, 1.12.2, minecolonies, i&f, immersive enginneering, will be public shortly is running in frankfurt, germany right now
[10:46 AM] Kreezxil: foreshadowing, 1.15.2, with minecolonies and some off the wall mods like ferroustry and omegacraft
[10:47 AM] Kreezxil: the seilican experience, 1.15.2, minecolonies and some qol mods it’s the lightest one, i keep forgetting about it

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