Lava Dynamics

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  We’re BACK on RELEASE schedule!   The first update in a very long time.   There is more to come if you want to take part in the pre-tests come to my discord and subchannel for this mod.   The changes so far:  
  • Actual volcano cones
  • in world smelting of full blocks to another when in contact with lava, we’re referencing the furnace recipes correctly this time so it should not be causing massive stack dupes in a regular furnace any more.
  • default 5% chance to spawn
  • /spawnvolcano (for ops to test) (could be a spell later on)
  • Lava core now comprised of magma blocks
  • no longer checks all lava blocks
  • configurable ore for the cones
  • calderas
  • pools of lava in the calderas
  • spawn in the center of already generated chunks
  • can be configured to only spawn during worldgen and not when a player walks by
  • will spawn in range of a player configurable default 32 blocks
  • random height
  • random width
  • generates a pool of lava at y=10 configurable
  • all hard numbers are configurable
  • a tile entity (sign, chest, piston, furnace, machine from a mod will prevent spawning of volcano in a chunk unless summoned)
  • a check for spawning is done per chunk, if a chunk fails to spawn a volcano it is marked as been checked and will never be allowed to spawn a volcano unless one is summoned there. if a chunk passes the check for spawn it is marked as allowing a volcano to spawn and will eventually if the player moves in front of it enough. This latter part is moot if worldgen only is enabled.
Upcoming features:
  • underwater volcanos
  • magma vents
  • ash deposits
  • ash clouds (block out sun)
  • different volcano generation by biome type
Notes: We will likely port to 1.13.2 and 1.14.2 before adding the upcoming features except for the different volcano types.   DANGER ADDING THIS TO YOUR WORLD CAN CAUSE DESTRUCTION LIKE YOU’VE NEVER SEEN BEFORE with the DEFAULT SETTINGS.       Feel free to add this mod to existing worlds both single player and multiplayer. I have code in it that blocks Volcano formation in any chunk where a tileEntity already exists. Signs, chests, furnaces, and more are tileEntities and common in player builds. REMEMBER TO BACKUP FIRST THO!


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