Once Upon a Stroll

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Once Upon a Stroll



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When you walk the ground changes beneath your feet. Grass to dirt to path to gravel to stone to stone bricks. Paths for players is on by default, paths for mobs is off by default for lag reasons. The weighting range and the individual weights can be controlled with the config for both players and mobs. In the video below fullPaths are enabled which allow for a permanent path to generate otherwise grass just turns to dirt and nothing else. 


Credit to dancingfae of www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/autopath for the inspiration and the CCPL license. 



Mod Review



No need to ask just add it.


IDEAS as of 3/11/2020

things i’ve thought about but have not implemented.

Custom chain of eroding blocks.

blocks that erode in a different chain based on the type of footwear.


Fabric Alternative




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