Subterranean Waters

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Subterranean Waters


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There are problems in the code that cause border walls underground. If I remove the biome checks the issue by and large goes away but then in the water biomes you will experience large air bubbles.


Until we have fixed the code to prohibit that I full recommend YUNG’s Better Caves which has all the features of this mod plus more.




Subterranean Waters adds the following three things and nothing else:

  1. Underground Oceans
  2. Underground Lakes
  3. Underground Rivers

Have you ever wanted huge bodies of water under the the surface of the overworld? Do you like the idea of spelunking only to find you have to dive into deep subterranean waters to get to the best ores?


The Subterranean Waters is the mod for you!


Act now and you too can deal with the harsh realities of an unforgiving world below the surface. Gold, Diamdonds, and Redstone now a long hold your breath swim away.


For once you’ll have a reason to go to the nether before going to bedrock. For once you’ll have a real reason to brew water breathing and night vision potions.


This mod is a decorative world generation mod that adds large, partially filled by water caves to any dimension. 


With default configuration it adds to normal world pretty shallow, but very wide empty spaces at about 18-26 world height and water level at 22. 


Many options are configurable, allowing up to Nether-like landscape under your world.  


Original mod at


v1.1 slightly changed default configuration


What I changed:

Lots of stuff to make it behave like the original 1.7.10 version.

Changed default config to actually generate oceans, large lakes, and rivers under the ground.

Added a biome exclusion config.



The 1.7.10 version was there but stupid me I didn’t fork the project and I ported the existing code from that to 1.11.2 at the time. The original author has also removed the project from GITHUB where it was before, so there is no way to retrieve that. 


I RECOMMEND the following mods for 1.7.10 that are still existing that you might find interesting because they are along the lines of this mod, not entirely just similar:


Cave Control is the closest match, it allows you to replace cave air with water or lava, maybe both, give it a look to be sure.

if you install Cave Control I recommend to go along with it for more exciting experience.



MIT just like the previous version.



Not sure why the original author didn’t update it. The changes that were required to be made were minimal. I’m worried about the original author because they were last active October 31, 2017. What happened that Halloween night that caused them to disappear from the scene? [mystery music here]


No longer required on the client, but unless you have a server where players connect with mods installed in their clients, don’t cut your nose off to spite your face, include this mod in your client packs. 🙂 




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