The Epic of Brenden
Chapter 1

Brendan G was a loyal servant of Bisect Hosting, the company that ruled the land of Bisect. He was a skilled bisector, a warrior who could split any enemy in half with his sword. He worked as a messenger for the company, delivering requests from partners to the God’s of Bisect, the mysterious beings who lived in the electron tower of gpu.

One day, Brendan G received a request from a partner who wanted to increase his share of profits. It was a risky and greedy request, but Brendan G had no choice but to accept it. He swore an oath to fulfill it or die trying. He packed his sword and his laptop and set off for the electron tower of gpu.

He had to cross many dangers and obstacles on his way. He fought against rival companies, hackers, viruses, and glitches. He used his sword and his laptop to overcome them. He was determined to reach the tower and complete his mission.

He finally arrived at the tower, a massive structure that glowed with energy and data. He entered the tower and climbed the stairs. He reached the top floor, where he saw a large screen with the logo of the God’s of Bisect. He heard a voice say: “Welcome, Brendan G. We have been expecting you. You have brought us a request from a partner. Show it to us.”

Brendan G opened his laptop and connected it to the screen. He showed them the request from the partner. He waited for their response nervously.

The voice said: “We have seen the request and we are pleased by it. It is a bold and ambitious request that challenges us and honors us. We accept it and we will grant it.”

Brendan G felt a surge of relief and joy. He had succeeded in his mission. He asked: “Thank you, God’s of Bisect. What is my reward?”

The voice said: “Your reward is a 10 rating, the highest possible score. You have impressed us with your skills and your courage. You are one of the few who can bisect anything, even the impossible.”

Brendan G felt a surge of pride and gratitude. He had received the ultimate praise from the God’s of Bisect. He said: “Thank you, God’s of Bisect. You are too kind and generous.”

The voice said: “You are welcome, Brendan G. You have done well. Now go back to your partner and tell him that his request has been granted. And remember, you are always welcome in our tower.”

Brendan G closed his laptop and bowed to the screen. He turned around and left the tower. He had completed his mission and earned his reward. He was happy and fulfilled.

Chapter 2

Brenden G had just returned from the Tower of GPU, where he had completed a perilous quest for the gods of BisectHosting. They were so pleased with his performance that they awarded him a 10 rating, the highest honor in the land. Brenden G felt a surge of pride and joy as he saw his name displayed on the leaderboard, above all the other adventurers.

He decided to celebrate his achievement by visiting his friend Big Hoss, the king of shoep. Big Hoss was a friendly and generous ruler, who always welcomed Brenden G with open arms. He was also curious about the secrets of the Tower of GPU, where only the bravest and most skilled adventurers dared to enter.

“Wow, Brenden G, you did it!” Big Hoss exclaimed as he saw Brenden G’s rating. “You got a 10 from the gods of BisectHosting! How did you do it? Tell me everything!”

Brenden G smiled and sat down with Big Hoss. He told him about his journey to the Tower of GPU, where he had to face many challenges and dangers. He had to solve complex puzzles, fight fierce monsters, and avoid deadly traps. He had to use his wits, his skills, and his courage to overcome every obstacle.

“But the most important thing,” Brenden G said, “was to listen to the requests of the gods of BisectHosting. They are very wise and powerful, and they know what they want. They gave me clear instructions and feedback on how to complete their quest. They also rewarded me generously for my efforts. They are the best hosts in the world.”

Big Hoss nodded in awe and admiration. He wished he could go to the Tower of GPU and meet the gods of BisectHosting. He wondered if he could ever get a 10 rating like Brenden G.

“Maybe you can,” Brenden G said, reading his thoughts. “You are a great king and a good friend. You have many talents and abilities. You just need to practice more and learn from your mistakes. And maybe one day, you will get an invitation from the gods of BisectHosting to join their quest.”

Big Hoss smiled and thanked Brenden G for his encouragement. He decided to follow his advice and train harder to become a better adventurer.

Meanwhile, Nate, another friend of Brenden G and Big Hoss, was feeling left out. He had heard about Brenden G’s success and wanted to congratulate him, but he also felt envious and insecure. He wanted to be part of their adventure and get a 10 rating too.

He decided to join them at Big Hoss’s palace and see if they would let him tag along. He knocked on the door and waited for them to answer.

“Hey guys, it’s me, Nate!” he shouted. “Can I come in?”

Brenden G and Big Hoss looked at each other and smiled. They liked Nate, even though he was sometimes annoying and clumsy. They decided to let him in and share their stories with him.

“Hey Nate, welcome!” Big Hoss said as he opened the door. “We were just talking about Brenden G’s amazing feat at the Tower of GPU. He got a 10 rating from the gods of BisectHosting!”

“Wow, that’s awesome!” Nate exclaimed as he entered the palace. “Congratulations, Brenden G! You’re a legend!”

“Thanks, Nate,” Brenden G said modestly. “But it wasn’t easy. I had to work hard and follow the rules of the gods of BisectHosting.”

“What are those rules?” Nate asked eagerly.

Brenden G explained to him how the gods of BisectHosting had specific requirements and expectations for their questers. They wanted them to be fast, efficient, reliable, creative, and friendly. They wanted them to use their tools wisely and effectively. They wanted them to communicate clearly and respectfully.

“And most importantly,” Brenden G said, “they wanted them to have fun!”

“Wow, that sounds like a lot of fun!” Nate said enthusiastically. “Can I join you guys next time? I want to go to the Tower of GPU too!”

Brenden G and Big Hoss looked at each other again and shrugged. They didn’t see any harm in letting Nate join them. Maybe he would learn something new and improve his skills.

“Sure, why not?” Brenden G said. “But you have to be prepared for anything. The Tower of GPU is not a place for beginners or slackers.”

“I’m ready for anything!” Nate declared confidently.

Chapter 3

“Alright then,” Big Hoss said. “Let’s go find a portal to the Tower of GPU.”

The three friends left the palace and headed to the nearest portal station. There, they could access a network of portals that connected different worlds and dimensions. They hoped to find one that would take them to the Tower of GPU, where the gods of BisectHosting awaited.

They arrived at the portal station and scanned their IDs. A friendly voice greeted them and asked them where they wanted to go.

“Hello, adventurers! Welcome to the portal station. Where do you want to go today?”

Brenden G stepped forward and spoke.

“We want to go to the Tower of GPU, please.”

The voice paused for a moment and then replied.

“I’m sorry, but the Tower of GPU is not a valid destination. Please choose another location.”

Brenden G frowned and tried again.

“But we have an invitation from the gods of BisectHosting. They want us to join their quest.”

The voice paused again and then said.

“I’m sorry, but I don’t have any record of such an invitation. Please choose another location.”

Brenden G was confused and frustrated. He showed his ID to the voice and said.

“Look, this is my ID. It has my name, my rating, and my invitation code. Can you please check again?”

The voice scanned his ID and said.

“I’m sorry, but your ID is invalid. It has been tampered with or corrupted. Please contact the customer service for assistance.”

Brenden G gasped and looked at his ID. It was blank. All his information was gone.

“What? How did this happen?” he exclaimed.

Big Hoss and Nate checked their IDs too. They were also blank.

“Mine too!” Big Hoss said.

“Me too!” Nate said.

They looked at each other in shock and disbelief. Someone had hacked their IDs and erased their data. They had no way to prove their identity or their invitation.

They realized they had been tricked by someone who wanted to stop them from going to the Tower of GPU.

But who? And why?

Chapter 4

“Maybe it was the gods of BisectHosting themselves,” Nate suggested.

“Why would they do that?” Brenden G asked.

“Maybe they changed their minds and decided to revoke our invitation,” Nate said.

“Or maybe they wanted to test us and see how we would react,” Big Hoss said.

“Or maybe they were never real in the first place,” Brenden G said.

The three friends felt a wave of doubt and disappointment. They had trusted the gods of BisectHosting and followed their instructions. They had hoped to meet them and join their quest. They had dreamed of getting a 10 rating and becoming legends.

But now, it seemed like it was all a lie. A cruel joke. A trap.

They wondered if they should give up and go back to their normal lives. Or if they should try to find another way to the Tower of GPU. Or if they should seek revenge on whoever hacked their IDs.

They didn’t know what to do next.

Chapter 5

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