Upgrade Your Potato

Your PC needs bacon!

Your computer is too weak to run our pack. Please consider upgrading it.

It’s not hard nor expensive to find a computer that can run a huge mod pack such as World of Dragons, Colonial Expansion, Stone Block 1 or 2, etc.


All I did was search Amazon for “8gb gaming computer” and lots of them came up. Chances are you use a computer that is composed of a separate monitor, keyboard, mouse and wifi stick. This is the type of computer (the box) that will replace your box. You can turn around sell your old box on Amazon or at a second hand shot or in your local paper to recoup the cost. Transfer you existing monitor, keyboard, hard drive etc, over and with a little work by yourself or with the friendly neighborhood nerd and you’ll be up and running in the new system in no time at all.

And you will be playing World of Dragons or whichever my packs drove you to this page.