Using LagGoggles to find Lag or How to be a good Player

12:24 PM]Grok_DuckFarmer:

================================================= Howdy, folks! Grok the friendly Lag Admin here! Every say to yourself when playing World of Dragons, “Gosh, this sure does feel laggy”? You could simply complain, or you could do something about it! Yes, you! LagGoggles is part of the pack, so hit the INSERT key (default key for it) and chose the top option to profile for some seconds, then choose World. Wait. When it is done, you will start to see some colored overlays with numbers on things.

[12:24 PM]Grok_DuckFarmer:

Now comes the fun part! Look for red in your base. Those are your top ticking items. Are you actively doing something necessary with that machine? Or are you just processing stuff so you can have ALL. THE. THINGS? If it’s not in use, or you just want to fill up your storage with stuff, I strongly suggest you take it down. Put it in a chest so you can put it back when you need it. Then put it away again right after. See a vanilla hopper that has a large tick? Swap it out with something else. Lather. Rinse. Repeat. Eventually you will be down to just what you are actively using and no strange high-ticking items. Congratulations! You are a good server player. “But Grok! I need my 295 tier 6 solar arrays causing almost 8000 microseconds of processing per tick so I can have ALL THE POWER!” “But Grok! I need my 20 autosieve machines pounding away so I can crush and smelt the results so I can have ALL THE THINGS!” No, jerks. You are selfish server hogs. And I will delete them when I see them. =================================================

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