All Things Kreezxil

What Does Kreezxil Stand For?

So imagine that Bruce Banner as the intelligent Hulk and Wonder Woman had a baby that was raised by secretly gay couple Batman and Superman, that went to live with his uncle Lex Luthor and studied at Xavier’s School of Gifted Mutants. While developing a love for syfy, romcoms, fantasy, D&D, MMORPGs, video games, space games and finally Minecraft.

If you can imagine that individual, you will know what I stand for.


You think Kreezxil is an acronym for something, in that case, no it isn’t. It’s my Andorian name from Star Trek: Online. Because when I joined that game 8 years ago, all the players had names like MariahGlynn12347 or JoeBob13376980085, and I thought, how unoriginal. I thought to myself, ok, I want to be Klingon, but that race is not allowed yet at that time. But Andorian was, and I’m versed in ST lore, so what kind of name would a blue skinned white haired Andorian have? Briefly looked at the some characters from the canonical documentation on the subject and came up with Kreezxil pronounced Kree Zuhl