Under The Weather

Today I feel Mooky, sluggish, others say I’m grumpy. Also funky. Like a kind of borderline sick. I’m making my grammar checker happy as pie with this post! LOL. So today I have accomplished nothing, my big post about what I plan to accomplish and when still stands. On the good news everybody front, Ice… Continue reading Under The Weather

Asset Pages Updated

Just spent the better of the day updating my 111 assets on Curseforge with the following new header to replace the old one that displayed how many Discord users were present. This one which you can find the sidebar to the right or down below if you’re on mobile makes it easier to find my… Continue reading Asset Pages Updated

Best Laid Plans

What’s on the table Passively I’m updating my packs that contain custom menus to reflect my switch from GDL to KDL launcher. Currently both launchers are mechanically the same. However, on the developer side of it, they are not. GDL is run by one man with one vision. KDL is run by more than one… Continue reading Best Laid Plans

New Server Icon on Discord

Created by Maver MCVideo Studio (possibly fictional). Join and then hover the dragon to see it. If we can more people to boost the server we can have an animated banner too! I bought NITRO full and immediately put the 2 boosts on my own server. As you can see we now have a total… Continue reading New Server Icon on Discord