Server hosting

And why to consider using one

Why are server hosts needed?

Running your server is very costly, requiring uptime maintenance, sufficient hardware, and a strong and consistent network connections. Server hosts alleviate these issues by letting you use their servers that run on their hardware; therefore, you don’t have to worry about all the issues aforementioned.

However, not all hosts deliver on what they promise. I have gone through many hosts myself, and have finally found the one that actually delivers on what it promises: BisectHosting.

Why choose BisectHosting?

Let me start with a quote from their site:

"We've been hosting servers for over a decade and have over half a million servers hosted under our belt. We know what it takes to run a successful server, and we're here to help you succeed! We understand that when you mix dozens or even hundreds of mods and plugins, things can go wrong. That's why we've always emphasized support; we're always here when you need us most! No matter how easy or complicated your question might be, our goal is always to help our customers as soon as possible. We are here to ensure that whatever vision you have for your server becomes a reality!"

24/7/365 Support

Whether you’re new to server hosting or an expert, you will feel at home with BisectHosting. Their helpful staff work around the clock to provide you with the most reliable servers and support available.

17 Global Locations

Their Premium Minecraft servers span the globe, allowing you to choose the closest location to you for the lowest latency!

Control Panel

All of their Minecraft servers come with Multicraft, a feature-rich, easy to use control panel. It enables you to manage your server quickly and easily.

Easy Modpack Installation

You can easily install any mod pack on your minecraft server with one click.

Daily Backups

Your server comes setup with daily backups to ensure your data is not lost if you need it. You can easily configure your backup dates, times, and folders as you wish.

DDOS Protection

They include DDoS protection with all their server hosting services to help you avoid downtime when it matters the most.

That's exactly what I got when I chose them.


I’ve decided to partner with them, so that I can offer you, my dear fans, discounts when buying their servers. I take a commission from each sale that comes from my link. All money that comes from the commissions are put into creating more minecraft assets and maintaining multiplayer servers for my modpacks.

If you’re interested, then I’ve got a deal for you! You can get a 25% discount off your first month using the promo code “KREEZXIL” when buying any of their gaming servers!