Bisect Hosting offers high performance hosting services in over a dozen of locations, ensuring low latency. Choose from their wide variety of hosting services, including: minecraft, web, voice, game, dedicated and vps hosting. With their support working around the clock will help you with any problems you might face!


Bisect hosting is great, but dont just take my word for it. Take a look at these amazing feature that comes standard with your server.


Bisect Hosting boasts the highest performance hosting for an affordable price point.

100% Uptime

Bisect Hosting are committed to keeping their server on a 100% uptime record.

24/7 Support

Bisect Hosting works around the clock to provide you support whenever you need it.


With cutting edge hardware to make sure your server runs peak at performance.

Auto Modpack Install

Easily pre-install any modpack on your minecraft server without bothering yourself.

Automated Backups

All servers have redundant storage. If there's ever a drive failure your data is backed up.

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