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Hello, my name is Kreezxil and I have been making mods and mod packs for Java Edition Minecraft for the last 11 years. I started by making simple mods that just added new blocks and items to the game. But over time, I began to create more complex mods that changed how the game worked. I also started making mod packs, which are collections of mods that work together to create a new Minecraft experience.

Over the years, I have released many mods and mod packs for people to enjoy. I have also been a part of the Minecraft community, helping others to create their own assets. Look out for more interesting projects and help as more is planned.

Prospects include modding for Satisfactory and other games. If you have ideas, please join my Discord at discord.gg/ngNQjT5 and share them with me.

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The money that I receive from you, my loyal fans, encourages me to:

  • make more mods
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Your support ensures that I have plenty of time to devote to you. I deeply thank you for that.

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