Recommended Mods


Diamond Glass

Glass in 16 colors with panes, slabs, and stairs with the resistance of bedrock. Great for Wither containment and interesting designs.

Fancy Menu

Top down the best Minecraft Menu editor out there. Supports animations in places where you wouldn’t expect them. You can even modify menus from internal mods.

TerraCart Reloaded

Right click any track with an empty hand to get a free frictionless cart that vanishes when you dismount. Not for chest transport.

Bad Wither No Cookie Reloaded

Prevents the Wither global server sounds, The End Dragon’s death sound, hearing of thunder and rain and anything else you configure.

Mob Sunscreen

only recommended if you think that Zombies and Skeletons don’t need sunburns.

Dirt Deco

Because why can’t basic materials be home grade?

Ore Excavation

Like vein miner but you can control the pattern.


Very beautiful, very powerful mapping mod with mini map.

Torch Optimizer

See where torches should be placed, but can adjusted for different types of light sources.

Lava Dynamics

Volcanoes that erupt in real time, lava that does in world smelting. Great for living hell packs!