Forge Server from Forge Pack


For 1.4.7 through 1.16.5

I really recommend using Server Pack Creator to make server packs now. I will add a new article soon for manual creation of 1.17.x+ packs. -5/24/2022

Step 1: Creating the server

  • Create a folder somewhere that will be the server folder.
  • Open the pack folder. Select everything in pack folder.
  • Now copy that selection. For example right click the selection and choose copy.
  • Open the server folder you made in step #1.
  • Paste the previously copied selection. For example right click and choose paste.
  • Download the installer for Forge. Make sure to get the right version from
  • Move this installer jar to the server folder
  • Open your shell/terminal/cmd/powershell
  • Enter the server folder you created, you might have to navigate to it in your file manager.
  • Enter the command java -jar name_of_installer.jar –installServer A bunch of stuff will happen At this point the server is created but not debugged
  • I recommend deleting installer jar as you don’t need it anymore.

Step 2: Starting the server

  • In your shell get a directory listing of the jars (Linux: ls *.jar Windows: dir *.jar)
  • If you haven’t done so already, delete the installer jar.
  • There will be a new jar file that doesn’t say installer and starts with “forge”, this is the file you will be executing, note it down.
  • From your shell to start the server do java -jar forge_no_installer.jar
  • You can add nogui to the end to stop the gui from popping up. Do not put — in front of nogui.
  • The server will start then stop, telling you edit the eula.txt. so that and set the one value there to true.
  • Start the server again.
  • The server has started.

Step 3: Debug the server (do not run the client here)

  • The server you created will likely crash because quite a few mods are not server friendly or coded in such a way that they will try to load client side classes on a server. When it happens there will be a crash report. Open the file and look at the top trace block to see what crashed.
  • Check to see if there is an update for the mod, if yes, update it on both the server and the client, rerun the server
  • If the server crashes again on the same mod, try a lower version, make sure the client matches
  • If it crashes again, remove the mod from both the server and the client
  • Eventually you’ll have a running server and client that should connect to it

Step 4: Debug the server

  • Great job on creating a functioning server
  • now run the client that was adjusted alongside the server
  • if it crashes look at the crash report and either update, rollback or remove the mod from the client and on the server if it exists
  • eventually you’ll have a running client

Step 5: Final steps

  • start the server
  • start the client
  • enter multiplayer button on client
  • click on direct connect
  • enter the ip address of the server and hit connect
  • in a short few moments you should now be connected to your server