How To Install Servers


A long time ago, I had lengthy install process and I even created installation scripts. But then I noticed that FTB packs were not doing stuff like that in general any more. They just distribute the folders that need to be on a server. They also distribute the forge server jar and minecraft server jar that are needed to run the servers.

As it stands, the Forge team now allow or always have allowed the distribution of the forge server jar. However, legally I can’t distribute the minecraft server jar. So rather than play a game of Russian Roulette with licensing, I instead now include a file called “CURRENT_INSTALLER”. It is a text file and it contains a link that if placed in your browser will download the correct forge installer for the server. Look in the folder and find this file and move it to the place where the server has been unzipped, it should be in the same folder as where you found the “CURRENT_INSTALLER” file.

Now run this new jar file, in Windows you can double click it, from any shell on any platform you may alternatively use: “java -jar name_of_forge_installer-version.jar –installServer”

In few short minutes the correct forge server jar as well as the correct minecraft server jar will download, and the library assets need to run forge will also be pulled in to your file system.

Now delete the forge installer jar and locate the new forge server jar that was installed.

On Windows you can double click this jar and your server will power up, or alternately on any platform you may use: “java -jar name_of_forge-version.jar nogui” and if you have special java arguments you can tack them on to the end of that.

That’s it.