Multicraft: Uploading a Mod Pack


Multicraft: Uploading a modpack

Congratulations on that wonderful new mod pack you found!

This guide is for if the pack did not have a server pack that you could upload to your Multicraft or any other hosting companies servers. However, if you did, it can be easily adapted.

Steps in the video

1. Right-click the pack icon in the launcher where you installed the mod packs.
2. Choose “Open Folder”
3. Select the config, and mods folders.
4. Select the kubejs, and scripts folders if they exist.
Note: you can multi-select by using the CTRL key while selecting with your mouse.
5. Right click on one of the highlighted folders and on Windows go to “send to” and select “compressed folder”, on Linux you will likely see a “compress” option, select it and then sub select zip.
6. Whatever the name of this zip, upload to your file manager in your Multicraft panel.
7. Select it and tell the panel to unarchive (unzip) it.
8. Start your server.