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World Of Dragons

In this world of technology and magic it is your quest to subdue the dragons, using any combination of technology and magic you so desire.

WOD - A New Age

The pack is built around Mine & Slash. Therefore, running into the wilderness to find that perfect spot to build your base is immediately the first wrong thing you can do.

Minecolonies Getting Started

This is the pack being used on the Getting Started Let’s Play with Raycoms. You can play along with Raycoms the lead public facing developer of Minecolonies

Colonial Expansion

A few moments ago you were in the lap of luxury talking to the Council of the Galactic Accord about your plans to colonize remote planets and how you can do it so much better than the terraforming robots they currently use.

Just Enough Dragons

Having your device screaming in agony while running World Of Dragons? This mod pack is for you!


You've played the hard packs and thought there were too soft! Too easy even! RLCRAFT, Sevtech Ages, Lapito's Galacticraft! None of them kicked your hiney. MyCraft fulfills your love for pain!

Sky Stream Madness

A sky pack built for multiplayer and streaming on YouTube and Twitch. Comes with an insane quest line that will have you and your team making extreme out of this world contraptions using nearly all the mods


This is the home of the pack for the TrueSMP Seasonal packs. Each season, we will have the pack we play from during our live streams and video play through productions.

Featured Mods

Bad Wither No Cookie

A lightweight universal mod to silence these nasty world wide broadcast sounds: Wither, Thunder, Ender Dragon. and now any sound that any mod makes!

TerraCart Reloaded

There is nothing to craft except for rails. This mod works with any rails from any mods. To use it, right click with an empty hand the rails, magically a cart appears and you will be placed in it. Now press an direction key and off you go!

Mob Sunscreen

Prevent any mob from any mod from burning in sunlight! You must configure the mod to block mobs from burning based on their resourcelocation aka modid:unlocalizedname.

More Beautiful Buttons

Over 200 buttons for pressing pleasure! Some buttons sound like sand, others like glass, some like wood, and yet others sound wet! Can you craft them all!

Coal Explosion

When placing a torch on a coal block, there will be an explosion.

Desired Servers

This is a mod that removes the need to ship a servers.dat file that overwrites player-added servers. Stop shipping that file and add Desired Servers! You can add multiple servers with a simple json format.

Jump Over Fences

When walls and fences hold you, fret not, now you can jump them! This mod is client side. No need to ask for permissions, just add it.

Lava Dynamics


Featured MC Worlds

Word Of Dragons - Starting City

A world exclusively made for Word Of Dragons

Svet Draku

Svět Draků by Kreezxil is a World of Dragons server and single player world populated with quest giving npcs. This world is meant to be played exclusively with www.curseforge.com/minecraft/modpacks/svet-draku