Best Laid Plans

What’s on the table Passively I’m updating my packs that contain custom menus to reflect my switch from GDL to KDL launcher. Currently both launchers are mechanically the same. However, on the developer side of it, they are not. GDL is run by one man with one vision. KDL is run by more than one… Continue reading Best Laid Plans

World of Dragons

Version: 21.18.275 Notes: The update that was 2 months in the making. Had to wait for certain mods that were causing all kinds of crashes to get update. This is not the update where a single morph ring for turning into a dragon will be presented as a reward when you completely an extremely long… Continue reading World of Dragons


Thanking the DNC for keeping racism alive, they’re version of it, and constantly trying to convince their people that the conservatives are too blame. The conservatives meanwhile have given up and all but for a few have laid down. The DNC can do what it wants now. USA? bah, Republic? No forget about? True Democracy?… Continue reading Freedom?