Project Moderation


I shamelessly copied the following from the Curseforge Peer Support Discord because it is good information, any claim to faim is entirely attributed to The Claycorp and his associated Discord.

How Project Moderation works:

Hello you and that new project you would like to create! A quick guide on what to expect along with some do’s and don’t’s.

When creating a project you should make sure to follow the guidelines for creating a project found here:

You can also find more information about required information, along with an explanation for the reject message you might have received:

With this out of the way, you are ready to submit that project for approval! but wait there is more!

All new Projects made on CurseForge require two things!

  1. Manual approval by a CF staff moderator.
  2. A file uploaded to the project so it can be moderated.

Moderation is typically only done during business hours for CurseForge based off a First In, First Out approval system. At the time of writing, this is the time frame:

Sunday – Thursday from 10am – 6pm GMT+2

If you are unsure what time it is for them, you can stop by the CurseForge discord and use the !status command for the time it currently is for CF.

This means if you submit a project on Thursday, you will likely be waiting until Sunday for approval.

Do’s & Don’t’s


  • Upload a file when making a project so it can be approved!
  • Make sure to described things appropriately!
  • Make sure to follow any special rules outlined for the project type!
  • Wait patiently for the CF moderators to look at the project!
  • Ask others for help with reject messages!


  • Go to discord and ask for files to be moderated! We can’t and/or won’t look at your project because you asked.
  • Fail to explain the basics of the project.
  • Wait until the last minute to upload files.
  • Complain about how slow moderation is when it’s the weekend.
  • Forget to upload a file.

The official Curseforge peer support Discord can be found at