Backup Guard – Not that Great

Backup Guard SG for WordPress is not that great if you find that after you have a screw up with your host and realize you need to move the site to another ip and just in case you need to change the database and usernames Then it trips smooth out and demands you upgrade to a pro account because at that point it’s migration and now you need to pay $19.95. Sure it’s unlimited but they got your by your private parts now and are pulling at the hairs down there all at once!

My issue then is that it wasn’t made clear when I installed the plugin that if this type of scenario should occur that it would be considered migration. Had I known that I would’ve done a full site backup using a different plugin altogether.

That said, I’ve been looking for a good excuse to absolutely reset the site and get rid of the millions of bots that registered on it and of course all the junk pages and junk media.

Plus something from a plugin got into the system about 3 months ago and began screwing with the post publishing methods. I couldn’t find it and new that a reset was going to happen eventually. I just didn’t want my hand forced was all.

It’s like you know you need to clean your room or house despite the floor to ceiling stacks of magazines, teles, food wrappers, etc, you keep putting it off then one day everything burns down or someone shovels you out.

Yeah, same thing, the site needed it.

Taking it at face value then.

Relax and Enjoy.