Created with DALL E 3 November 1, 2023 - Kreezxil prompt was: robot turkey stuffed with a football.


I asked AI to help me write a poem in the style of Shakespeare, here is that poem, and the process if you so desire:

In yon twenty-two days hence we wait, giving thanks,

Then twenty-three till merchants’ day doth beckon,

To feast and yet, in sport, they pull a prank.


“Why cometh thee?” In query I reckon,

For football’s charm hath drawn them to my board,

Yet in their eyes, a different goal they check on.


To use mine home as haven, I’m ignored,

For twenty-two days hence they plot a scheme,

In Walmart’s line, for bargains they’ll hoard.


Yet wait, in five and twenty days, a dream,

For Cyber Monday calls to nerds with glee,

A fest for all who in the web’s stream deem.


So mark the days, in this odd jubilee,

Of thanks, of sales, of tech, we shall see.