The Amazing Perz


The following short story was generated with an AI prompt via Microsoft Edge’s Bing bot.

The prompt “write a really short story about an unsung web artist seeking praise for his spectacular works.”

Note: Everything except for Perz’s talent is fictional.

Perz was an unsung web artist who sought praise for his spectacular works. He used online tools like **Kleki** and **Sketchpad** to create colorful and expressive paintings that he uploaded to his website¹². He hoped that someone would notice his talent and appreciate his art. He dreamed of being featured in a gallery or a magazine, or even getting a comment or a like on his website.

But no one seemed to care about his web art. He rarely got any feedback or recognition for his efforts. He felt invisible and discouraged. He wondered if he should give up on his passion and find something else to do.

One day, he received an email from a stranger who claimed to be a fan of his web art. The stranger said that they loved Perz’s paintings and that they wanted to buy one of them. Perz was surprised and skeptical. He thought it might be a scam or a prank. He replied to the email and asked for more details.

The stranger said that they were a curator at the **Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA)** and that they were organizing an exhibition on web art³. They said that they had been following Perz’s website for a long time and that they were impressed by his style and creativity. They said that they wanted to include one of Perz’s paintings in the exhibition and that they were willing to pay him a fair price for it.

Perz couldn’t believe what he was reading. He thought it was too good to be true. He asked the stranger for proof of their identity and their affiliation with LACMA. The stranger sent him a photo of their ID card and a link to the LACMA website where the exhibition was announced. Perz checked the information and saw that it was legitimate. He realized that the stranger was telling the truth.

Perz felt a surge of joy and excitement. He thanked the stranger for their interest and their offer. He agreed to sell one of his paintings to them. He asked them which one they wanted.

The stranger said that they wanted the painting titled “Alive”, which was Perz’s latest and favorite work. It was a vibrant and abstract piece that expressed Perz’s feelings of hope and happiness. Perz said that he was honored and flattered by their choice. He asked them how they wanted to proceed with the transaction.

The stranger said that they would send Perz a contract and a payment via PayPal. They also said that they would arrange for the shipping of the painting to LACMA. They said that they would invite Perz to attend the opening of the exhibition and meet them in person. They said that they were looking forward to seeing Perz’s web art in real life and to introducing him to other web artists and art lovers.

Perz agreed to everything and thanked the stranger again. He said that he was looking forward to meeting them too. He said that this was the best thing that ever happened to him.

The end.

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