Pasting Service


How to use a Pasting Service

  • open the file (crash report, log, any text file actually) and
  • hit the edit menu and
  • then hit select all,
  • then edit again and
  • then copy,
  • then goto and
  • in the large box, click in it and
  • then on your keyboard hit CTRL then V on Apple that would be Option + V,
  • then hit the submit button,
  • the page will change and but will look the same,
  • there will be a new url/address at the top.
  • copy that url, and
  • then paste in the issues here.

  This seems like a lot but it will become second nature really fast and it saves those the time of trying to help you from actually having to download the file then open it as it’ll just open it right in their browsers.


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